Meet Justine


To provide our customers with a variety of professional quality digital photos while giving them ability to own and manage their own pictures. 

About Me

Hello, I'm Justine. I am the owner and photographer at Herbergs Hot Shots. I married the love of my life, Matt, in 2009 and we have been blessed with two beautiful children, Ellie and Maverick. 

I have a studio space available to more fully serve my clients but I also love those outdoor and on locations shoots. I have professional equipment and years of experience that make me the best choice to capture your family. 

My goal is to go on a journey with you from your wedding day to those first moments with that beautiful new life you created. I am honored when people invite me into their lives to capture some of the most magical moments they will ever experience. I also adore those milestones moments that we far too often take for granted as they fly by us. 

I help you hold on to those tiny feet, first steps, and adorable grins. One day you will open your family albums after your babies have left to college and you will be right back in that moment. 

I am here to capture your children and your family in the moments that you wish would last forever. That is why I love photography. It is a magical expression of a person in a moment they are living now, but can live on forever when captured in an image.  

Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and following my work.